Reading Club

‘Everyday is a great day’

With the proliferation of books for children, it’s no wonder that it is a brilliant idea of setting aside a couple of minutes each day to discuss books which can be daunting. It helps them to share different aspects of life. It provides insight into the student’s mind.Bhatnagar International School has come up with a ‘Reading Club’ to inculcate good reading habits among the young learners and turn them into prolific readers.The student Reading Club has given wings to many new talents, finding their way to recognition in various activities. They regularly take part in activities some of them being designing books covers, writing the plot, character sketches, synopsis of various books and colourful enactment of skits. Every day the last twenty minutes are devoted to DEAR (Drop everyone and read) session.

The voracious reader can expand their minds, improve their reading and bond with their friends. It helps them set realistic goals.

We wish they possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what be considered the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest being.