Maths Club

Mathematics is a unique subject that is used in day to day activities and continuous to remain an integral part of our lives. The Mathematics club was created to sensitize children about this subject and the latest developments taking place in the field of Modern Mathematics. It tries to inculcate deep interest in the children and make them have systematic approach towards this subject, the club aims to develop mechanical skills and application of subject in everyday life.

The club organises several competitions, seminars and mind bagging quizzes.All this helps the students to reach the depth of the subject and increases the scale of mathematics ability along with higher levels of interest and enjoyment.

Activities planned for Maths Club 2013-2014

  1. Organising SUDOKU Quiz
  2. Mental Ability Competition of series and logical reasoning
  3. Logical Puzzles and Tricks.
  4. Hands on Activities.
  5. Role plays (concept of Zero)
  6. Perspective (using geometrical designs)
  7. Workshop on Vedic Maths
  8. Designing a movie on Maths