Integrity Club

Integrity is the trust and the display of honesty. Honest dealings, predictable reactions,well controlled emotions and absence of tantrums are all signs of integrity.

The aim of integrity club is to inculcate values of unrighteousness and honesty in the students. It plays a quintessential role in enabling the students have been designed to make the students aware of the significance of leading a life full of moral values and principles. The pivotal role of Integrity Club is to provide a sound and firm foundation to students life so as they bloom into virtuous personalities.

Some of the highlights of the Integrity Club:

  • Introduction and induction of members, head of in charges
  • Discussion of values, principles and distribution of badges
  • Skit based on authentic situation reflecting the essential quality of integrity
  • Poem Composition based on ‘Life of Principles.’
  • Enriching talk on Exemplary Personalities leading a life of integrity.

The idea behind pleasurable and fruitful activities was to secure a lifelong repository if strength, inspiration and strong character