Health and Wellness Club

Lack of activity destroys the good
condition of every human being,
while movement and methodical
physical exercise save it and preserve it
– Plato

Health is condition (mental and physical) in which the individual is functionally well adjusted internally with respect to body parts and externally with his environment.

Wellness has been defined as the constant and deliberate effort to stay healthy and achieve the highest potential for well-being.

In a broader perspective Physical Education and health education are mutually interdependent.Health and Wellness Clubs influences the habits’,attitude the knowledge relating to an individual and community.These clubs can modify our behavior towards the attainment of optimum health.Physical Education caters to provide physical fitness which an important component of wellness. Physical Education supplements the activities of the Health and Wellness clubs by providing opportunities for physical exercise which activates pituitary glands and hypothalamus secreting ‘feel good’ hormones.These hormones also have the capacity to reduce pains and improve the sense of well being.

Activities conducted

  • Workshop on Personality Development
  • Memory Retention Games
    • Lazy Eight
    • Thinking Cap