Bhatnagar International School follows Progressive Learning Programme and a well balanced Academics Curriculum supported with computer aided learning packages.Method of teaching learning has also evolved and has resulted in a multidirectional workshop technique.

There are no formal examinations for Primary (I-VII).Informal Evaluation is conducted to ensure regularity and bring out the best of the child’s potential.‘ATTEMPTS’ a system of written assignments in this Learning Programme increases the level of confidence and the fear of examinations is hardly evident.This helps the learners to cultivate the habit of giving wings to their written expression on a regular basis. The Appraisals are sent thrice a year to the parents

Appraisal I – April – August
Appraisal II – September – December
Appraisal III – January – March

Subjects taught in I – V
English, Hindi, Maths, Science, S.ST, Computer Studies, FEIT, Life Skills, World Vision, Sports, Library and Value Based Education

Subjects taught in VI – VII
English, Hindi, Sanskrit/French, FEIT, Maths, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Social Science (History, Civics and Geography), Life Skills, Computer Studies, G.A, Sports, Library, Yoga, Music, Dance, Value Based Education, Calligraphy

Subjects taught in VIII
Curricular based on the guidelines of NCERT and Directorate of Education, Delhi Subjects – English, Hindi, Sanskrit/French/German, Maths, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Maths) S.ST (History, Civics, Geography) and Computer Studies , World Vision, Sports, Library and Value Based Education

Extra Curricular Activities Calligraphy, Performing Arts, Dance, Horse Riding, Yoga, Skating, Football, Dance, Art and Craft.

Class IX – X
Follow a prescribe course by CBSE, Delhi
Subject – English, Hindi, Sanskrit/ French/German, Maths, Science and Technology (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and Social Science( History, Civics, Geography) Physical and Health Education, Art Education, Life Skills, Work Experience and Value Based Education.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

CCE scheme refers to a school based Evaluation of the students that covers all the aspects of a student’s development. Attempt to cover both Scholastic and Co-scholastic aspects of student’s growth and development l- with the aspect of evaluation process being assessed through Formative and Summative Assessments.

Under CCE, a student has to undergo assignments in Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic Areas.

  • Academics year divided in 2 terms
  • Term – I (April to September)
  • Term II (October to March)
  • Various School Based Assessments in Co-Scholastic Area.
  • Scholastic Areas
Term – 1FA1, FA2School Based Assessment
SA1Question Paper and Marking scheme supplied by CBSE and Evaluation by the school
Term – 2FA2, FA4School Based Assessment
SA2Question Paper and Marking scheme supplied by CBSE and Evaluation by the school